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Our LED PCB Assembly Service

KFEMS is a Chinese PCBA factory that offers partial turnkey PCB assembly services and complete turnkey PCB assembly services.

This includes PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, functional testing, and IC programming.

KFEMS : Your reliable PCB manufacturing supplier in China

China PCB Fabrication&PCBA Assembly Manufacturer-KFEMS PCB Assembly Factory, Sourcing of parts+Lead-Free Crest + Post-Weld + Check.One-StopPCB Assembly Services. High Precision Manufacturing Facility. SMT Capacity: 19 Million Points/Day, Monthly Production Capacity Can Reach 150,000 to 300,000 Sets/Month.

  • Compliant with IATF, ISO, IPC and UL standards. 99.9% product pass rate including online SPI, AOI and X-Ray.

  • Rigid-flex to rigid-flex PCB assembly uses leaded and lead-free solder.

  • We have 10 SMT mounting lines and 6 DIP/finished product assembly lines.

  • It will be shipped in 4 to 48 hours after board mounting is completed.

  • We have reliable parts suppliers.

  • We provide 24/7 live sales and technical support.

PCB Assembly Capability

SMT capacity: 19 million points/day
Testing Equipment X-RAY Nondestructive Tester, First Piece Tester, AOI Automatic Optical Tester, ICT Tester, BGA Rework Station
Placement speedChip placement speed (at best conditions) 0.036 S/piece
Mounted Component SpecificationsPasteable smallest package
Minimum device accuracy
IC type chip accuracy
Mounted PCB SpecificationsSubstrate size
Substrate thickness
throw rateResistance-capacitance ratio 0.3%
IC type without throwing material
Board TypePOP/common board/FPC/rigid-flex board/metal substrate
DIP daily production capacity
DIP plug-in production line50000 points/day
DIP post welding production line 20000 points/day
DIP test production line 50000pcs PCBA/day
Assembly processing capability
The company has more than 10 advanced assembly production lines, dust-free and anti-static air-conditioning workshop, TP dust-free workshop, equipped with aging room, test room, functional test isolation room, advanced and perfect equipment, can carry out various product assembly, packaging, testing, Aging, etc. production. Monthly production capacity can reach 150,000 to 300,000 sets/month
PCBA processing capability
projectMass processing capability Small batch processing capability
Number of layers (max) 2-18 20-30
Plate typeFR-4, Ceramic Sheet, Aluminum Base Sheet PTFE, Halogen Free Sheet, High Tg SheetPTFE, PPO, PPE
Rogers,etc TeflonE-65, ect
Sheet mixing 4 layers - 6 layers 6th floor - 8th floor
biggest size 610mm X 1100mm /
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.13mm ±0.10mm
Plate thickness range0.2mm--6.00mm0.2mm--8.00mm
Thickness tolerance ( t≥0.8mm)±8% ±5%
Thickness tolerance (t<0.8mm)±10% ±8%
Media thickness 0.076mm--6.00mm 0.076mm--0.100mm
Minimum line width 0.10mm 0.075mm
Minimum spacing 0.10mm 0.075mm
Outer copper thickness 8.75um--175um 8.75um--280um
Inner layer copper thickness 17.5um--175um 0.15mm--0.25mm
Drilling hole diameter (mechanical drill) 0.25mm--6.00mm 0.15mm--0.25mm
Hole diameter (mechanical drill) 0.20mm--6.00mm 0.10mm--0.20mm
Hole Tolerance (Mechanical Drill) 0.075mm 0.050mm
Laser Drilling Aperture 0.10mm 0.075mm
Plate thickness aperture ratio 10:1 12:1
Solder mask type Photosensitive green, yellow, black, purple, blue, ink /
Minimum Solder Mask Bridge Width 0.10mm 0.075mm
Minimum Solder Mask Isolation Ring 0.05mm 0.025mm
Plug hole diameter 0.25mm--0.60mm 0.60mm-0.80mm
Impedance tolerance ±10% ±5%
Surface treatment type Hot air leveling, chemical nickel gold, immersion silver, electroplated nickel gold, chemical immersion tin, gold finger card board Immersion Tin, OSP

Why us?

● Keep your information safety

We can sign NDA and make sure your personal information only used for orders.

● No minimum requirement

No MOQ requested. You may order as 1~10pcs from us. We do not force you to buy what you do not need indeed to save your expenses.

● Quick turnaround time

24 Hours customer service, Kitted and Turn-Key options available.

● Advanced equipment

7 automated lines to handle SMT, through-hole, high-mix technology.

● Competitive price

Free samples provided, Reliable components sourcing channel.

● Delivery guarantee

99% On-Time Delivery, time is money we guarantee ensures you get what you need, when you need it.

● High quality

Fully Compliant with IPC 610-D Standards, Testing and quality assurance.

● PCB Assembly specialists

From prototypes to full production runs.

● All-in-one

PCB Fabrication, parts sourcing and PCB assembly.

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