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Prototype PCB Assembly SMD Street Light LED

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Prototype PCB Assembly SMD Street Light LED

Material: CEM1, CEM3

Layers: 1~24 layers

Maximum / panel size: 541*647mm (special can be made 950mm)

Aspect Ratio: Minimum 1:8

Ring: Min. 0.1mm

Finished hole size: PTH ±0.003”, NPTH ±0.002″

Impedance control: ±5%

Solder Mask Registration: ±0.003″

Layer-to-layer registration: ±0.003″

PCB Project: PCB OEM/PCB Design/PCB Assembly

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  1. Long service life

     LED street lights generally have a service life of more than 50,000 hours.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

     As a new type of street light, LED street light uses more energy-saving light sources than traditional street lights. LED street lights also do not contain polluting elements such as lead and mercury, and do not pollute the environment. To a large extent, the situation of energy shortage and environmental pollution has been alleviated,

3. Safety

     LED street lights are impact-resistant and shock-resistant, and the light emitted by LEDs is in the visible light range without ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. There is no filament and glass shell, and there is no problem that the traditional lamp tube is always broken during use, and there is no harm or radiation to the human body.

     Fourth, no high pressure, good heat dissipation

     The heat dissipation of LED street lamps is better than that of traditional street lamps, and it will not reduce the brightness and shorten the life of the lampshade due to the absorption of dust at high pressure and high temperature.

5. Start without delay

     The LED light source is at the nanosecond level, and it can reach normal brightness when it is powered on. There is no need to wait, which greatly shortens the time that the street lamp is on.

6. no stroboscopic, no bad glare

    The LED street light is pure DC operation, which eliminates the bad glare caused by the strobe of traditional street lights. Cause visual fatigue and sight interference, improve driving safety, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

    KFEMS’s SMD street light LED assembled with prototype PCB has a long service life, energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Welcome to inquire.


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