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PCB Design Capability

PCB Design&Layout Capabilities
Min.trace width: 2.5mil Min.trace spacing 2.5mil
Min.Vias: 6mil(4mil laser drilling) Max.layer 48L
Min.BGA spacing 0.35mm Max.BGA Pin 3600pin
Max.high-speed signal 40 GBPS Fastest delivery time 6 Hours/ Item
HDI Highest layer 22 L HDI Highest layer 14 L any layer HDI
PCB Design & Layout Delivery Capabilities
Delivery Time Quick Response
Item Normal Expedited Time Service
300pin 1 day 6 hours 2 Hours Data veriy and quote
1000pin 3 days 2 days 7*24 Hours Technical support
2000pin 5 days 3 days 7*24 Hours Order service
5000pin 10 days 7 days 7*24 Hours After sale services
10000pin 20 days 14 days

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DFM inspection report available within 3 hours, PCBA quotation provided within 24 hours, sample fee refunded after placing an order.

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