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Automotive Lighting LED PCB Assembly

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Automotive Lighting LED PCB Assembly

Material: Aluminum base

Voltage: 160-280V

Wattage: 3W

Chip: SMD-2835/5730/4014

Number of LEDs: 12

Diameter: 31mm

Temperature: 2700-6500k

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  1. Advantages of car led lights

    1. Good monochromaticity, bright and rich colors. The color saturation reaches 130% full color, making the light clearer and softer.

    2. The response time is short, only 60 nanoseconds, which is especially suitable for the light source of automobile lamps, which has won valuable time for the driver to reduce accidents.

    3. Small size and light weight. Using its characteristics, various styles of lamps and lanterns that are thin, light and compact can be designed to provide space for car modeling design.

    4. the luminous flux of a single LED is small. At present, the research level of the luminous flux of a single LED can reach 120lm/W, and the product level is less than or equal to 60lm/W, and high-power LEDs often require a large radiator, so the LED light source generally adopts the LED array design method.

    5. The luminous efficiency of LED decreases with the increase of temperature. Generally, the chip temperature will fail when the temperature exceeds 120℃. Thermal design must be considered in the process design of lamp assembly design and manufacture.

    6. long life, good shock resistance. LEDs are semiconductor components. Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs have no fragile moving parts such as glass and tungsten wires. The failure is extremely low and maintenance-free.

    7. high efficiency, low energy consumption. LED light source can directly generate red, amber and other colors required by automobile lamps without color filtering, without loss, and the power utilization rate is as high as 80%.

    8. green lighting source. The LED spectrum has good monochromaticity, no redundant infrared, ultraviolet and other spectrums, no mercury harmful substances, and little heat and radiation.

    9. The plane emits light and has strong directionality. It is different from the point light source incandescent lamp, and the viewing angle is less than or equal to 180°. When designing, we must pay attention to and use the LED light source to have a different viewing angle and not be greater than 180°.

    10. LEDs are multi-component compound semiconductor components. The characteristic of multi-component compound semiconductor components is that the parameters of its electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical parameters are very discrete. When designing, we must fully consider this feature, and require component production companies to strictly classify and grade components according to the requirements of automotive LED light sources.

    11. Energy saving and environmental protection: the energy consumption of LED lamps is 1/20 of that of halogen lamps. 

    12. Low cost and long life: the life of LED lamps from well-known manufacturers can reach 100,000 hours

    When it is on, it means that basically your car cannot be driven, and it is still on. 

    13. High brightness: the brightness is much higher than that of halogen lamps, and there is no pressure as a warning light for brake lights. 

    14. low Voltage safety: LED, as the earliest component used in electronic products, can be lit with only 12V DC voltage, and there is no need to worry about the voltage of more than 20,000 xenon. 

    15. Momentary lighting: no

    If you need a xenon lamp again, it will light up again, ready to use. 

    16. Small size of a single LED: This is a favorite of designers, and can be assembled into various shapes you like.

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