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T8/T5/LED slats/line lights SMT processing

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T8/T5/LED slats/line lights SMT processing

Substrate Material: Aluminum

Copper thickness: 1.0-2.0mm

Copper Thickness: 0.5-6oz

Thermal conductivity: 1.0-3.0W/mk

Breakdown voltage: 2-4KV

Lead: SMD 2835

Flammability: 94V0

Solder mask: white

Silkscreen: black

Working temperature: -25-75℃

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  1.   With the continuous development of science and technology, the lighting equipment in various places has also changed from incandescent lamps to LED lamp tubes. Compared with incandescent lamps, LED lamps have softer lights, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly. , so it has been vigorously promoted by the country. One of the parts that plays an important role in the headset is the light bar. Different led lights have different types of light bars. T5 light bars and t8 lights are two types that are often seen in the market. The model of the light bar, the following is KFEMS Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce the difference between the t5 light bar and the t8 light bar in detail?

       The difference between t5 light bar and t8 size

       “T” stands for “tube”, which means tubular, and the numbers behind indicate the diameter of the lamp tube. T8 means there are 8 “t”, one t” is 1/8 inch, one inch is equal to 25.4 mm, then each t” is 25.4+8 -3.175mm. The diameter of the t8 lamp tube is 26mm, the diameter of the t5 lamp tube is 16mm, and so on, the diameter of the t12 lamp tube is (12/8)x25.4=38.1 mm, and the diameter of the t10 lamp tube is (10/8)x25.4=31.8mm. Theoretically, the thinner the lamp tube, the higher the efficiency, that is to say, the more reflection of the same wattage.

     The difference between the length of t5 light bar and t8

         The average t5 lamp tube is 5cm shorter than the t8 lamp tube (the length is different and the interface is not the same), so we must fully consider the size of the lamp tube when we carry out project renovations. If the lamp panel used the t8 lamp J panel before, it can be replaced directly LED lamp tube t8, if you want to change to t5 lamp tube, you need to add a conversion bracket to install it. If the original lamp panel is a t5 lamp panel, it is not possible to replace it with a t8 lamp tube because it cannot be installed, unless the lamp panel is replaced, but the cost is too high.

    The difference between t5 light bar and t8 brightness

         Because the tube diameter of LED lamp t5 is much smaller than that of t8 and t12 lamps, the elastic collision probability between the inert gas atoms and electrons filled in the lamp tube is higher, and the energy loss is smaller, which is also very beneficial to the improvement of light efficiency. Since the inert gas filled is a unique inert gas mixture, it can not only better protect

         Protect the cathode of the lamp tube and help the lamp tube take off, and can properly reduce the charging force of the lamp tube, and further increase the luminous flux output of the lamp tube. Therefore, although the power of the lamp tube is lower, the total luminous flux is not reduced, so the light efficiency of the lamp tube is improved, that is to say, t5 is brighter and more energy-saving than t8.

     The difference between t5 light bar and t8 application

          Both t5 and t8 lamps have their own uses. T8 lamps are widely used in public areas, schools, factories, hospitals, government agencies, bus advertisements, subway stations, etc. T8 is everywhere and t8 tubes are easy to integrate Power supply, due to the small diameter of t5, it is difficult to directly drive the power supply to traditional lamps

         Inside the tube, the power supply can only be built in through integration or the method of directly using the external power supply. In this way, t8 is far better than t5 in terms of replacement demand and the complexity of replacing lamp tubes. But in the field of home decoration, t5 is better than t8, because now the home decoration around the ceiling

         A circle of light tubes either use flexible light strips or t5 light tubes, and almost no one uses t8, because the circle of lights around the ceiling only needs to play an auxiliary lighting role.

         Conclusion: Through the introduction of the editor above, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the difference between the t5 light bar and the t8 light bar. Compared with the t5 light bar, the light of the t8 light bar is more dynamic and bright, and the radiation range is wider, which is suitable for large places, while the t5 light bar is suitable for home use. Compared with the t5 light bar, the t8 light bar It also consumes more power. When you choose, you must fully consider the advantages and disadvantages of the t8 light bar and the t5 light bar. KFEMS provides T8/T5/LED slats/line lights SMT processing services. This is a PCBA one-stop assembly factory with senior industry experience. Welcome to inquiry


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