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Security Equipment Turnkey PCB Assembly

Data Sheet

Security Equipment Turnkey PCB Assembly

Name: Security Equipment Turnkey PCB Assembly

Number of SMT lines: 7 high-speed SMT patch supporting production lines

SMT daily production capacity: more than 30 million points

Testing Equipment: X-RAY Tester, First Piece Tester, AOI Automatic Optical Tester, ICT Tester, BGA Rework Station

Placement speed: CHIP component placement speed (at best conditions) 0.036 S/piece

The smallest package that can be attached: 0201, the accuracy can reach ±0.04mm

Minimum device accuracy: PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and other devices can be mounted, and the pin spacing can reach ±0.04mm

IC type patch accuracy: it has a high level for mounting ultra-thin PCB boards, flexible PCB boards, gold fingers, etc. Can be mounted/inserted/mixed TFT display driver board, mobile phone motherboard, battery protection circuit and other difficult products

Product Details

High-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide a critical foundation for electronics, smart systems, and secure interfaces. As the demand for smarter buildings, higher security and access control systems continues to grow across the residential, commercial and industrial markets, having high quality PCBs to accompany the software, functions and environmental elements of advanced systems is becoming increasingly important important.

With the rapidly expanding security and automation market, Syscom Tech manufactures printed circuit boards that can power critical security points in homes and businesses.

PCB for access control system

Access control systems are sophisticated security systems that authorize access to protected areas by identifying authenticated persons and devices. These systems can handle functions such as communication, access hierarchy, record keeping, information sharing, and identification through authentication through mechanisms ranging from RFID to biometric scanning. All of these functions rely on high-performance hardware and circuits to handle complex commands and high traffic.

Some of the most popular access control systems are:

● Biometrics

● close

● Door

● Safe

These systems require PCBs for different control points, including exterior entryways, interior doors, and centralized access control devices where operators can set them up. PCBs are integrated with security systems for better control and monitoring of protected buildings. Access control systems are popular in residential, commercial environments, and industrial and government facilities. Common applications include:

● Access to hospitals and banks via smart cards and ID cards

● Office access via mobile credentials

● Monitor the entry and exit of industrial facilities

● Control the level of access to the airport

The quality of an access control system depends on the quality of its working parts. The four key components of any secure access control system include:

1. Controller: This central device stores information about authentication, commands, etc.

2. Lock: A lock is an electromechanical component that can be opened on command of a controller.

3. Readers: These sensors can read tags and other inputs within their sensor range.

4. Tags: Tags range from single-function ID badges to small electronic chips in cards or mobile phones.

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