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RFPD 5G Smallcell Hybrid PCB Assembly

Data Sheet

RFPD 5G Smallcell Hybrid PCB Assembly

Functionality: quad transmitters, quad receivers, 

and dual observation receivers with 2 inputs each

Bandwidth: 200 MHz receiver,

200 MHz large signal/ 450 MHz synthesis transmitter 

,and 450 MHz observation receiver

Tuning range: 650 MHz to 6 GHz

Interface: 12 Gbps JESD204B/C 1

Power consumption: 5 W 2

Multichip LO phase synchronization

DFE features: Enhanced DPD / CLGC / CFR 3

Package: 14 ×14 BGA

1. Will update to 24.33Gbps in future release

2. For 25% Rx 75% Tx, 1x Orx on, 200 MHz/450 MHz/450MHz BW, 0 dB attenuation

3. Supported on ADRV9029 which is coming soon

Product Details

ADRV9029 reference design for small cell
On board RF reference design

▪ Add PA pre-driver stage HMC625B/ADL5611 to enable the reference platform can connect to PA EVB directly

▪ Add ADI RF Front end products ADRF5545A/ADRF5549 on RX channels, and switch products on ORx channels

▪ Make the board support middle/high RF bands simultaneously

On board clock solution

▪ Use dual clock domains clock device AD9545

▪ Add SyncE capability needed for O-RAN

On board power supply solution

▪ Use ADP5054 as the power supply for ADRV902x and clock devices

▪ Leave interface for external PoE EVB + ADI power brick supply

Multiple FPGA platform supported

▪ Work with either ADS9 board or Intel Arria 10 board. 

▪ Common GUI software and user interface 

DFE verification software supported

▪ Integrate the DPD / CFR / CLGC verification interface in GUI

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