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Military Applications RF PCB Assembly

Data Sheet

Military Applications RF PCB Assembly

Name:Military Applications RF PCB Assembly

Surface processing:HASL/Plating gold / immersion gold /Plating gold finger/OSP/ Flux

Layers:1~32 layers

Copper Thickness:O.5OZ~5OZ

Board Thickness:0.2mm~6.0mm

Min Hole Size:0.2mm

Min Line Width:0.1mm

Min Line Spacing:0.1mm

Max board Size:508mm*609mm

Solder mask type:Green/ Black/ Red/ Yellow/ White/Blue

Silkscreen color:White / Yellow/ Black

Data file format:Gerber file and corresponding drilling file, PROTEL series, BOM list

Base material:FR4, CEM3, PTFE, Aluminum based, High TG FR4, High frequency board, Rogers

Product Details

Military Grade PCB assembly need to be robust enough to comply with the harsh conditions it needs to function in. That calls for the following:

Specific layout techniques
100% Design-for-test coverage
Thermal Management
Rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, rigid flex PCBs, and single sided PCBs, and double-sided PCBs
Multilayer PCBs.
At Technotronix, we are fully equipped to provide these. In addition, all the components that we use measure up to military specs. These components have low tolerance range. Also, the design of the Military PCB handles maximum current load and works uninterrupted in harsh environments. In our layouts, we ensure the following:

Right aspect ratios
Separating power and ground planes
Keeping signals clean
Verifying impedance calculations
Performing pre layout simulations
Adequate termination techniques
Exact drill charts and proper board materials
We are fully committed to offer state-of-the-art prototype and production services for the defense and military industry.
Our robust testing standards as well as our industry certifications stand testimony to the quality we offer.

Military Grade Printed Circuit Boards Assembly finds wide application in an array of areas including but not limited to:

Military Robotic Systems
Defense communication and navigation
Ruggedized Computers
Power Distribution
Base/Camp protection and security
Circuit Board Schematic and layout
Artillery and Mortars
Unmanned vehicles
Turnkey product assembly

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