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Car driving recorder HDI PCB

Data Sheet

Car driving recorder HDI PCB

Name: Car driving recorder HDI PCB

Tier: 1+6+1

Sheet: EM825

Plate thickness: 1.6mm

Size: 242mm*165mm

Minimum blind hole: 0.1mm

Min Buried Via: 0.25mm

Minimum line width: 0.088mm

Minimum line spacing: 0.087mm

Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold

Outline tolerance: +/-0.1mm

Special requirements: L3-L6 resin plug holes

Product Details

What is HDI PCB?

High Density Interconnect (HDI) is simply a PCB with a higher number of interconnects in the smallest footprint. This leads to miniaturization of the circuit board. Components are placed closer together and board space is significantly reduced, but functionality is not compromised.

More precisely, a PCB with an average of 120 to 160 pins per square inch is considered an HDI PCB. HDI designs combine dense component placement and versatile routing. HDI popularized microporous technology. Create denser circuits by implementing microvias, buried vias, and blind vias. Reduced drilling of copper in HDI designs.

What are the advantages of HDI PCB?

Extraordinary Versatility: HDI boards are ideal when weight, space, reliability and performance are the main concerns.

Compact design: The combination of blind, buried and micro vias reduces board space requirements.

Better Signal Integrity: HDI utilizes via-in-pad and blind via technology. This helps keep components close to each other, reducing signal path lengths. HDI technology removes through-hole stubs, thus reducing signal reflections, thereby improving signal quality. Therefore, it significantly improves signal integrity due to shorter signal paths. 

High reliability: The implementation of stacked vias makes these boards a super barrier against extreme environmental conditions.

Cost-effective: The functionality of a standard 8-layer through-hole board (standard PCB) can be reduced to a 6-layer HDI board without compromising the quality.

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