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4G communication module SMT PCB assembly

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4G communication module SMT PCB assembly

Number of SMT lines: 7high-speed SMT patch supporting production lines

SMT daily production capacity: more than 15 million points

Testing Equipment: X-RAY Tester, First Piece Tester, AOI Automatic Optical Tester, ICT Tester, BGA Rework Station

Placement speed: CHIP component placement speed (at best conditions) 0.036 S/piece

The smallest package that can be attached: 0201, the accuracy can reach ±0.04mm

Minimum device accuracy: PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and other devices can be mounted, with a pin pitch of ±0.04mm

IC type patch accuracy: It has a high level for mounting ultra-thin PCB boards, flexible PCB boards, gold fingers, etc. It can be mounted/inserted/mixed with TFT display driver boards, mobile phone

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4G module, also called 4G communication module or 4GDTU module, is a product with 4G communication function in the Internet of Things industry. Through the 4G module, we can realize the transmission of industrial equipment data to the remote control center through the wireless 4G network, and from The control center remotely communicates data with industrial equipment through the 4G module. In this way, the centralized management and centralized monitoring of industrial equipment through the wireless 4G network can be realized. Through the 4G module, the operating labor cost can be greatly reduced

In recent years, the Internet of Things industry has developed rapidly, and various Internet of Things modules have been used to replace manpower and have been applied to all walks of life. So what is the working principle of the 4G module? Let’s analyze how the 4G module works. The 4G module communicates based on the 4G network, and the 4G module refers to the general term for supporting LTE network standards such as TD-LTE and FDD-LTE. It has the characteristics of fast communication speed, wide network spectrum and flexible communication. KFEMS integrates the radio frequency and baseband of the 4G module on a small PCB board to complete the functions of wireless reception, transmission and baseband signal processing. The software transmits the modbus data of the lower computer to the server through the 4GLTE network, and supports heartbeat packet and registration packet functions. And it can support software to support functions such as voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, and dial-up networking.

Features of 4GDTU module

The 4GDTU module TAS-LTE-363 has 4G full Netcom function, adopts high-gain antenna, 4G communication module SMT assembly provided by Xinjingfu, stable signal reception and transmission, and stable communication.

1. Support multiple protocols, TCP/UDP/MQTT/HTTP and other protocol transmission.

2. The use of 4GLTECAT-1 technology has lower power consumption and higher cost performance.

3. It has the functions of sheet metal shell, ESD anti-surge, and power supply anti-reverse connection.

4. TAS-LTE-363 has a dual watchdog, through the software watchdog and hardware watchdog, to ensure the normal operation of the device.

5. With heartbeat package and registration package, it supports automatic reconnection when the device is disconnected.

6. Support active query of lower computer equipment, and 10 custom instructions can be set

Applicable scene

It is suitable for shared massage chairs, shared charging equipment, unmanned vending machines, vehicle-mounted systems, equipment monitoring, equipment transmission Internet of Things and other industries.

Compared with NB-IOTDTU, 4GDTU has a faster communication speed, which makes up for the problem of slow communication speed of NB network equipment. 4GDTU and WIFIDTU are also in contrast to each other. WIFI is mainly used when there is a WIFI network indoors and the network is stable. 4GDTU is different and can be used in various scenarios such as outdoor mountains, scenic spots, and river embankments. A variety of remote data upload features can be provided.

KFEMS’s products in the field of 4G communication module SMT patch are ideal products for automotive, tracking, industrial routers, security monitoring, industrial flat panels and other industries.

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